KKK Fliers Found in Downtown Fullerton–But Klan Couldn't Spell “California” Right

Over the weekend, some idiot left bags filled with rocks, Tootsie Rolls and fliers for the Ku Klux Klan in the neighborhoods around downtown Fullerton, according to a local who shall remain nameless for now but shared their finds on Facebook. Coming as it did in the aftermath of the Charleston, South Carolina massacre, it has residents on edge–and laughing.

“These were all cowardly thrown from a car with stones and tootsie rolls, intact and in plastic baggies on my block right now,” the person wrote. “Really?”


Whoever did this hate crime ain't particularly smart (are racist dipshits ever particularly smart, though), having misspelled “California” on some of the fliers they distributed.

According to the bartender, they filed a report with the Fullerton Police Department, which has been “nothing but professional and really did take this seriously.”

It's worth noting at this point that the exact modus operandi–flyer for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Tootsie Rolls and rocks in a plastic bag–is same one that saw play in Orange neighborhoods last year and earlier this year in SanTana, so it's probably the same racist loser in all three cases. And it's also worth noting that while modern-day Fullerton is a multicultural oasis, old-time Fullerton was a hotbed of Klucker activity, back when the Invisible Army lynched people instead of just distributed Xeroxed fliers–why, Fullerton still has a bunch of streets and schools named after those hooded pendejos.

So, racist loser: wake up and smell the orange blossoms, and get the hell out of town. Join all your fellow Orange County white supremacists in Idaho or Menifee or somewhere…

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