Kitima in Irvine To Try Out Sausage Concept Next Week

Our anonymous tipster has some news about Kitima, the Thai restaurant owned by Mick and Megan Schepers of Mick's Karma Bar that has become more or less forgotten by folks as they stand in line for a Karma Burger next door.

Next week The Schepers will attempt to revive it by offering new Thai sausages, which is just the first steps to the place becoming a beer and sausage place that Anne Marie wrote about a few years ago.

Here's the scoop in our tipster's own words.


He'll be debuting some new Thai sausages at Kitima next door. The place was deserted/shut down last night, and it seems like he's reworking it slowly into a beer and sausage place. He already has a chalkboard up there behind a counter, similar to the one at Karma, with some sausage concepts already written up (peanut satay, sambal, etc). I'm super excited that this could finally fill the hole in my heart left by Valhalla Table. Anyway, as always, wanted to pass that along!

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