Kitchen Nightmares Films at Anaheim Restaurant Next Week: You're Invited!

Well, it's finally happened. Gordon Ramsay and crew are descending to Orange County (or is it ascending?) from Hell's Kitchen, and have decided that the restaurant it wants to save from damnation in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares is Luigi's D'italia in Anaheim. They will film next week, and the casting department is inviting you, OC's dining public, to come and witness the intervention when filming occurs from July 26th to July 29th.

If you're interested, e-mail an*********@gm***.com to secure your spot on these days. Do not call the restaurant to make your reservations. You are responsible for paying for the meal, but yes, this means that your ugly mug can potentially be on TV making pithy remarks about the food and the service. The Kitchen Nightmares people have confirmed that Ramsay will be there in all his gruffness.

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