Kinkajou From South America Somehow Winds Up in Santa Ana

Just to be clear, a kinkajou is not a sex act performed in the back alleys of Thailand. It's the South American cousin to the raccoon. And one wandering near a Santa Ana elementary school was scooped up in October.

After brief stays at county Animal Control and the Santa Ana Zoo, the kinkajou is now being kept in the comfortable confines of Ramona's Mostly Monkeys in San Diego.

No one knows how the animal got to Orange County, and whoever brought it here likely won't come forward because a permit would have been needed to own one, Susan Carey, the Ramona's Mostly Monkeys founder, tells the Los Angeles Times.

“It's relatively easy to get things into the state,” Carey reportedly said. “But if you get caught with them, that's another story.”

The kinkajou is neither rare nor endangered. Fortunately for this one, there is another at the San Diego shelter to hang out with.

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