Kingchops, Taiwanese Pork Chop Specialist, Now Open in Irvine

O.C.'s unofficial Taiwan Town just got more Taiwaneseier. Kingchops–a Taiwanese fried pork chop specialist that's actually from Taiwan–has opened in Irvine next to Clay Oven at the corner of Irvine Center and Jeffrey.

As mentioned before on this blog, there's also a branch in the City of Industry that serves pork chop rice (Pai Gu Fan)–basically a plank of deep-fried pork served with rice dotted with soy-sauce-seasoned ground pork, veggies and a hard-boiled egg. Also on the menu there and now at this store: pork chop noodles, either served dry or submerged in soup.

There's also fried chicken, if you're more inclined.


For drinks, Kingchops offers an assortment of boba milk teas and sea salt coffee, because, well, as TIME magazine once pondered: what's more Taiwanese than some salt with your coffee.

15435 Jeffrey Rd #117, Irvine, California, (949) 303-5344;

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