King Harvest Wellness’ Oils Reap the Healing Benefits of Cannabis

Courtesy of King Harvest Wellness

Lee Simpson didn’t get the idea to start King Harvest Wellness because he thought it was a good idea—or because “King Harvest” is a stellar song made famous by The Band. Rather, he started the company because he’s experienced the healing power of cannabis firsthand. Simpson developed a rare illness nine years ago–pharmaceutically induced, treatment-resistant epilepsy. He was hospitalized so many times that the hospital gave him a notice saying he couldn’t come back. Too ill to take himself home, he was dropped off at his house and was left on a mattress for weeks.

“I was completely healthy before pharmaceuticals and anti-depressants,” says Simpson, the founder of San Juan Capistrano-based oil company King Harvest Wellness. “I was left for dead, until this man named Micah gave me a very crude version of what we make now: Infused olive oil. I drank the entire thing, which was about the size of a water bottle. My seizures stopped after 12 hours, and I haven’t had one since.”

King Harvest oil is far more advanced than infused olive oil, however. They craft an array of different oils designed to work synergistically with the body on a cellular level. They make four different types of tinctures: “Restore,” which is pure CBD oil; “Uplift,” their sativa oil; “Unwind” their indica oil; and “Synergy,” which is their 1:1 THC and CBD oil.

Along with vape oils, King Harvest also makes five different full extraction oils. They’re extremely concentrated by design in order to fight the worst of illnesses, like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy to name a new. They offer indica THC, sativa THC, a 1:1 ratio of indica-THC and CBD, and a 1:1 ratio of sativa-THC and CBD—all of which come in a plastic syringe-like tube.

“Different strains are specific to different types of disorders and different areas of the body where the disorders occur,” says Simpson. “ACDC is great for women and breast cancer, but it’s not gong to do anything for a man with pancreatic cancer. Sour Diesel and Durban Poison are great for people who have Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s because sativas take the calcification off of the prefrontal cortex of the brain.”

The oils King Harvest create are strain specific and ration specific, according to Simpson’s wife, Bridget Hewett, who helps run the business. But even more important than, all of the products are lab tested three times: Once after the flower comes in, again during the process of making the oil and finally when it’s the finished product.

They use 100 percent organic ethanol to extract the oil because it leaves all of the plant’s compounds in tact, allowing them to remain as they would be in nature. Simpson and Hewett call their products “living cannabis oil.”

“Micah didn’t have to help me,” says Simpson. “Because he did, it’s a matter of personal responsibility to help other people… We’re not in this for money. We’re in this because the universe decided we’re supposed to be.”

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  1. My sister has lymphoma, one lung was radiated but it spread to the other lung, waiting for a diagnosis but doesn’t look good. A friend of mine has medication from you and referred you to me. Would you have any idea as to alternate medication for her to try, thanks. Keith Berryman

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