Kiki Bakery Closes in Irvine; Chan Chan Food House Moves In

Kiki Bakery, which opened in Irvine's Heritage Plaza three years ago as part of a chain that hails from SGV, has closed. As others of its ilk are known to do, Kiki offered bread products from what seems like the same batch of sweet dough, with almost all of its products derived from it, molded into shiny egg-washed domes; injected with custard cream; wrapped into little danishes filled with ham and cheese.


Now a new Korean eatery called Chan Chan Food House has taken its place. It had its grand opening last week and it labels itself “School Food N Fresh Dishes”. What it appears to be is a bunsik, a joint that specializes in inexpensive Korean food centered on gimbap, rice cakes, and noodles. Chan Chan certainly has all this, but it also fries chicken wings shellacked in a sweet or spicy sauce. It also sells homemade jams in flavors such as banana and watermelon.

14250 Culver Dr. Irvine, CA 92604, (949) 552-0118

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