Kiev in 3D at Segerstrom Center PLUS Five Local Bands We Wish Would Put On a 3D Show

Kiev is opening for Menomena at Segerstrom Center's Indie Band Series in two weeks, and apparently they have a few gimmicks they didn't roll out at the OC Music Awards when they won Best Indie Band this year. 

Apparently there will be a “custom designed
stereoscopic 3D projection show. A collaboration between Kiev and Martin
Brinkerhoff Associates (MBA), the video will project choreographed
multi-layered images inspired by film animation of decades past and
analogue video equipment experiments, combining more primitive visual
techniques with fresh advances in 3D technologies. 3D glasses will be
provided at the door.”

You know who else would be awesome in 3D?  These bands:

1. Dahga Bloom Just look at this video and tell me you don't want to see this monkey coming at you.

2. Avi Buffalo Seems like Avi Buffalo's music was made for a laser show, but a 3D performance would work just as well.

3. Cosmonauts If there was a category for “Band best viewed when stoned” at the OC Music Awards, the Cosmonauts would win hands down. 


4. Crystal Antlers
Just because we can't wait for their latest album. When we heard the new songs live a few weeks ago, they sounded incredible.

5. Free Moral Agents We're pretty sure the Free Moral Agents songs would blow your mind even more in multiple dimensions.

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