Kids in the Hall's Kevin McDonald Needs a Twitter Account

Kevin McDonald has done it all–from TV, movies, voiceovers, and of
course Kids in the Hall. He is now joining his cast mate Scott Thompson
at the Irvine Improv
tomorrow (August 4th) through Sunday (August
7th) for “Two Kids One Hall” and what we are in store for is some
straight up funny. Kevin is legendary in Canada, but will Irvine give
these to “kids” a good ol' OC welcome? All signs point to yes, as the one
thing that translates across the borders is comedy. And Kevin? Yeah,
he'll be bringing the funny.
OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Let me first say that I talked to Scott about the play on words of your show, “Two Kids One Hall” and the reference. Very clever.

Kevin McDonald: Yeah umm, I forgot how it came up. I don't know what it's in reference to. Umm, it was like Two and a Half Men, but it was too hip and referential, and we're not that anymore.

Right, so the reference. Scott assured me that you would say you knew nothing about it so I am just testing you. He obviously knows you well.

[Laughs.] Yeah I don't know what it's in reference to and I wouldn't admit it if I did. All I know is it's a famous thing. Something to do with the internet right? A famous web video or something? That's all I know, I swear!

Yes, something to do with the internet that I pray is European. We don't want any part of that.

It might be a reference. That is all I am saying. There won't be any cup.

Why don't you have a Twitter?

Ohhh something with the satellite and we're dumb.

The people would like to see you on Twitter! Those sounds like excuses.

Excuses yes and no. I'm thinking excuses and it's true.

Fair enough. What is your take on a Kids in the Hall reunion?

Well, we did the TV show a year and a half ago and we did, “Death Comes to Town” and were talking about touring, but it's been a year and a half and we tried like three times. This fall we were going to try, but there are at least two of us busy. That's one of the reason's Scott and I are touring now.

Which is better, writing or performing?

Wow, that's a good question! When I'm writing, I think writing is the best. When I am performing it and it's not going well, I think that writing is the best. If it's going well, I see it as tied. I really like the writing better I think, even though I seem like a guy who'd like performing better because I make faces. People who make faces like performing.

Interesting concept. You know, you are kind of hard on yourself but then you go back and sort of pat your own back…

Yeah I'm a shy egomaniac but I'm also a modest egomaniac.

What do you find the most exciting about the comedy business?

The most exciting thing is when you first come up with the idea. The first time the light bulb goes over your head and you think of your idea. That's my favorite moment.

You dabble in a lot of fields, which is most challenging?

I think movies are easier and cartoons are just fun. You get tired doing cartoons because you just scream all day. In movies you get so many takes to do it so you get less nervous after a while. The hardest is multi-camera TV sitcoms with a live audience. You feel pressure to get the lines right. Like, it would have killed me to get my lines wrong in front of Jerry Seinfeld or Ellen DeGeneres. There is more pressure for sure.

Well stand-up is the same sort of thing right?

We're not traditional stand-ups. We'll be in front of microphones but I think the secret is, I do my act, Scott does his, and we do a lot together. It's almost like a one man sketch show in front of a mic. We've done four trial shows and it's sort of scripted. Like, we know where we're headed, but we're doing it in a loosey-goosey kind of way. I don't know what will happen in Irvine, but I love everyone there even if they boo me.

Do you miss playing different characters with the sketch shows?

Ummm I don't think about it. If I did think about it I guess I would. You're making me think of it now in a different light! I guess I do! I can say that I don't miss playing women! The bras and the heels hurting your feet all day…

Oh please! You're preaching to the choir. I asked Scott and I'll ask you, short skirts or long skirts?

I'd say long skirts because my legs aren't great. Although women say to me all of the time they want my legs, but then they'd have to shave them. If the women are lying though, I'd say long skirts.

Women lying? Weird! You know it's funny, you two are polar opposites. Scott said he prefers short skirt because he has the legs of Tina Turner.

[Laughs.] See I think the truth is that he thinks he does, but doesn't. And I think I don't but do but, maybe I am kidding myself as well. His legs are pretty great though. I stayed at his place a couple of nights so we could write for our trial shows and he walked around in underwear a lot. He did have nice legs.

So then spill his business, boxers or briefs?

Well ummm I'm being nice, he walks around naked.

Noted. Sorry to get you out of your comfort zone, I read that you consider yourself shy. How do you shake the shy when on stage?

I can be very shy, yes. But I am also an egomaniac ham so I'm a shy guy who can talk a lot. Sometimes it takes meditation, sometimes it's a Vodka with club soda. Sometimes I just go out there shy and because it's my job, I just stop being shy. Shyness is never a problem once I get on stage. I think.

What can the Irvine crowd expect from your show?

The ones who know us, if they're real fans of Kids in the Hall, can expect sort of exactly what it would be like if two fifths of the show did a show at a stand-up comedy club and we had adopted a stand up. Each duo has a different flavor. Know that we are extra silly and Scott is sexual and I'm embarrassed by it. We'll be silly and I'll be embarrassed by his sexual stuff. It's very funny though so thank god he does the sexual stuff. So I'll be embarrassed while people are laughing. I have another answer to that question.

Ok, let me ask it again. What can the Irvine crowd expect from your show?

Well for those of us that don't know us, they will see two aging men that act like twenty year olds. It won't be like traditional stand-up, but it will be fun for them. Then they can join the bandwagon of the people who are fans. At least, that's the plan.

Make sure you catch Kevin and Scott in “Two Kids One Hall” at the Irvine Improv August 4th-7th. You can also get more of Kevin on the Kids in the Hall website and demand he get a Twitter account! For tickets call 949-854-5455 or log onto: The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618 (21+ over)

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