KFC Workers Use Sink to Bathe

I don't know where to start with this story I saw in the USA Today

I think it's best to just give you the headline.  It goes like this: “More fast food workers think it's a good idea to bathe in kitchen sink”.
MORE fast food workers”?  Was this a trend people were already aware of?  It gets even more hilarious from there.
The article goes on to describe what three female KFC workers did one night when they were particularly randy and in need of a bubble bath.  And of course, they took pictures of themselves doing it and posted the photos on their MySpace page, whereupon it was discovered by a local newscast, which then did a video where they interviewed customers of that particular KFC, asking them probing questions like “So what do you think of this?”
I nearly peed my pants.
But I'm left wondering: What does KFC need a sink for?  Their potatoes are instant, their corn is from frozen, and they give you those plastic sporks as utensils.
And oh, and if any of you industrious Web surfers actually locates the MySpace page in question, be sure to share with the rest of the class.

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