KFC Japan Starts Selling Deep-Fried Mashed Potato With Bacon In It

We probably need to start a new blog category for food items some branches of our homegrown fast-food brands are coming up with overseas. That hot-dog in a pizza crust at UK Pizza Huts was genius. McDonald's in Australia's lamb burger is an idea whose time has come.

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The latest is KFC Japan's introduction of the deep fried mashed potato
fritters you see above. Did I mention it has bits of bacon in it, and
also cheese, herbs and sour cream? It's looks like a veritable
fully-loaded baked potato after Chicken Charlie gets done with it.

the Japanese aren't making a big deal out of it, it's probably because
the item bears resemblance to korokke. So, KFC, why not offer it here?
You can take back your Double Downs.

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