KFC Employee Fired For Viral Photo Of Potato-Licking

Take this as a lesson: if you're going to mess around after hours at your fast food job, do not post photos of your actions unless you want the photos to go viral and you to get fired.

The last time it was a Burger King employee who thought it would be hoot to take a picture of himself standing on a vat of lettuce. He was tracked down and given the boot.
Now it has happened again, this time with a KFC employee who merely pretended to lick some mashed potatoes at a Tennessee store.


A spokesman for KFC wrote to the Johnson CIty Press saying:

“Nothing is more important to KFC than food safety. As soon as our franchisee became aware of the issue, immediate action was taken. The franchisee's investigation confirmed the photos were taken after the restaurant was closed and none of the food was served.The employee involved was immediately terminated.”

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