Kevin Nealon Has Plans for O.J.

We all know Kevin Nealon’s career is a blueprint for comedic success. Yes, he paid us to say that. OK, he didn’t. We’re just huge fans. With an upcoming date at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (Saturday August 26th), we hit him up to do “press” but really wanted to pick his insanely awesome brain about everything from hiking and superpowers to O.J. and Amazon Fire Sticks. Yeah, random.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): First off, please tell me about your podcast “Hiking with Kevin.” How did this come to be?

Kevin Nealon: Well, I love to hike in the canyon by my house and I invited my friend Matthew Modine to hike with me and it was kind of a spontaneous thing where I thought, I should ask Matthew a few questions. It just became fun. I had this idea where we’d both be so out of breath at the top that we couldn’t understand any questions, you know? It was just sort of a one-on-one thing, just sort of a fun thing to do. Then I thought, I should do one a week with a different celebrity and that’s how it became to be.

It’s completely original and in this world of “everyone has a podcast,” you figured it out. Thanks Ali! Yeah, it is just an interview show with a different background basically.

But you’re hiking for god sakes! I’m not trying to hike! I’m sitting on my couch! [Laughs.] Yeah, maybe I should also put a blood pressure machine on to my guest.

Another good call. Do you have a dream hiking location? I think the Redwood Forest would be great. It’s beautiful up there and it would definitely be a great backdrop for an episode of “Hiking With Kevin.”

What about a dream guest? Ummm…I think Tom Hanks would be cool. Or maybe Caitlyn Jenner.

I wonder if Caitlyn hikes. I mean, I think Bruce would but, I don’t know about Caitlyn. You know, I knew Bruce Jenner for years and I only met Caitlyn Jenner a few months ago. Somehow, she knew me. [Laughs.]

Maybe Bruce told her, this Kevin guy is pretty cool. So off of hiking and on to something more my speed, TV. Do you watch a lot of it? I want to watch a lot of TV. In fact, I have a list of every show that I should be watching that was recommended by friends. It’s a long list! Luckily, it’s all on demand and that’s pretty crazy because if you have a friend doing stand-up on Fallon or Kimmel, you don’t even have to stay up to watch it. You can go back a day or two later.

You’re so savvy. I recently tried to explain the Amazon Fire Stick to my parents and it was a rough convo. Now wait a minute, wait a minute. What is the Amazon Fire Stick? [Laughs.] I really don’t know what it is and I’m pretty up on technology!

Lord help me. My cable box doesn’t have Netflix so I bought a Fire Stick, you plug it in, and it gives you Netflix and a bunch more. That’s the gist. Oh also, it comes with a remote you can talk to if you get lonely I guess. Oh really? That’s pretty cool. I have Direct TV and they offer Netflix but, can I get a Fire Stick and just talk to it? I do like that idea.

Haha yeah you can. And it’s only forty bucks for a new friend. This technology is so great with things like Alexa and Echo because nobody really likes to listen, especially in L.A. here. They just like to talk.

Facts! Now, I don’t want to judge here but, you don’t seem like the strip club type. When was the last time you visited one? Oh gosh, I don’t even remember! Like, thirty years ago! I don’t go but only because of social media. You know, people would catch me.

Got it! Do you have any thoughts on OJ getting paroled
? You know, if he hadn’t killed somebody before this…I would be all for it. [Laughs.] He did his time for the robbery where he got his merchandise back. But, because he killed somebody before that, I think he should just rot in jail.

It’s such a weird seesaw thing with the sentencing before and after. Yeah, I guess on the bright side, he can continue his search for the real killer. He can bring them to justice. He must be so angry! [Laughs.]

I’m sure he has no books in him either. Oh no! I bet he’s done with books and golf and he’s just going to look for that killer!

Detective O.J. That’ll be his new thing. [Laughs.] I’m going to call him every day and give him new leads on people that I think might have killed Nicole.

Now, will they all be named O.J.? [Laughs.] Yeah, not so fast O.J., this one is named O.J. Williams. Just check that one out. The next day I’ll say, this one’s name is O.J. Simmm…ilar. Find him.

I bet he wouldn’t block your calls at all. Oh no! He’d just say, hold on a minute, I’m about to take this shot here on the green. Let me just putt this out and I’ll get back to you. It’s very important.

I hope he doesn’t get glorified by the media but also, LOL, he will be. I’d like to make a list of all of the people that chum up to him and then call him and say, hey, maybe they are the killer!

If you get his number please pass it on. I want in on the exclusive interview. That’d be a good one. Actually, maybe that’s who I should have on a hike with me. [Laughs.] I would just ask him the same question over and over, “You killed her didn’t you? You killed her didn’t you? You killed her didn’t you?”

Not gonna lie, I’d listen start to finish. Besides that “maybe O.J. project,” what else is coming up? I’m going into the second season of “Man With a Plan” with Matt LeBlanc on CBS. I play his older brother, we have a construction company, and I don’t give him the best advice always. We start taping in a couple of weeks.

I’m a fan, totally looking forward to that! OK lastly, what superpower would you choose? I think I would probably be invisible.

That’s so sketchy. What would you do? Well, I think flying, I can do that on a plane. And super strength, I don’t really need that. But being invisible, if someone is after me, I could just disappear. And then I can also go to the strip club without being recognized.

Grab your tickets now to see Kevin Nealon at The Coach House Saturday August 26th, 33157 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano CA, 92675. For tickets go to For more on Kevin, head over to his website and follow him on Twitter (sometimes hiking) @Kevin_Nealon.

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