Katella High Student Takes Selfie, Posts on Instagram as Anaheim PD Harasses Him and His Friends!

You gotta love this new generation of high school students borne on the teats of Instagram and eternal skepticism toward the police state. Want proof? Check out what happened last month at Katella High School in Anaheim.

Sources tell the Weekly that two students were waiting to get picked up after school when an Anaheim Police Department officer rolled up on them and asked why they were “loitering.” Their answer–waiting for a ride home–didn't please the cop, so he started messing with them more. That's when one of the youngsters took the above selfie and posted it on Instagram–and that's when the fun started.

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After this point, the teens attempted to leave when the officer placed his hands on one of them, telling him he wasn't allowed to leave. When that didn't work, the students claim, the officer threw one of them against the fence. That's when one of the young Knights finally called an adult, who rushed to the scene and raised holy hell.

“They would not allow me to listen to the recording [at the scene] from the officer,” says the adult, who requested anonymity. “They say its internal use only. All I wanted was clarification that the cop did not handle situation correctly. I asked [a lieutenant] when is it procedure for a cop to put their hands on someone; he said only when cop feels threaten. The kids were no threat.”

The teens were ultimately charged with nothing, but might issue a complaint with Anaheim PD. To those teens, we say: kudos to standing up to harassment–and for taking what's OC's best selfie of the year so far!

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