Kanye Loves Kanye DJ Night Is the Ultimate Tribute to Yeezy

There are some facts in this world that are simply indisputable—the sky is blue, water is wet and Kanye loves Kanye. Indeed, there is no one on earth who loves the hip-hop mogul/megalomaniac more than the man himself, though plenty of his fans certainly try. Last year, LA promoters Trip Eazy in partnership with Rej Dhingra, Sal Moreno and Meagan DesChenes, the people who brought you the Drake Party, got together to harness their dedication and deck skills to create Kanye Loves Kanye, an equally dope Yeezy tribute night shows the world just how much The Louis Vuitton Don means to the hip-hop world. What started as a decent-sized event at the Short Stop bar in Echo Park has grown into a rager drawing upwards of 700 Kanye fans at every party.

Spinning a barrage of Kanye classics new and old starting at 9 p.m. at House of Blues Anaheim, the night is a fitting offshoot of the Drake Party which recently rolled through the new HOB on a national tour. Tonight’s Kanye tribute night features an eclectic catalog, showcasing the many sides of hip-hop’s Grand Vizier. The bi-monthly show has previously hit LA venues such as The Regent, The Reserve, and the Globe Theater each time with different vibes ranging a recently glow in the dark theme to tonight’s “I Feel Like Pablo” dance party which, as you can guess, will be fairly heavy on his latest effort, Life of Pablo. Aside from the music, expect to check out the Kanye themed art gallery and look for the iconic Kanye Loves Kanye Bear running around. Recently Dhingra and KLK DJs Michael Pacheco, Venessa Michaels and Penny Wildman talked to us about their favorite Kanye tracks they make sure to play at any respectable Ye-stravaganza.

“Black Skinhead”

Michael Pacheco: I think this track is overlooked but it’s a bona fide club hit. The build up, the energy, brings out the best in the crowd when it’s played. It’s insane!

“Gold Digger”

Venessa Michaels: It’s not a Kanye party without the one and only anthem that speaks to the wise women who know their pure purpose of digging for a good man. To those bad baddie gals we wanna say to you “Get down girl gon head get down.”

“We Don’t Care”

Michael Pacheco: Can’t have a Kanye Party without paying homage to the College Dropout. The throwback feels and the care free vibe of this track gives the crowd that “I Miss the Old Kanye” mood –

“Slow Jamz”

Rej Dhingra: It’s the one song that I think turned everyone’s heads towards Kanye as a solo artist. His collaboration with Jamie Foxx also brought him front and center to a brand new playing field. Ultimately ascending his acting career simulatenously. Though its soulful, it sought to move Twista to the mainstream. It was a perfect ensemble ultimately. And the Crowd can sing it front to back, it’s my always my Snapchat at KLK moment.


Penny Wildman: Stronger is one of the most iconic Kanye West tracks ever produced. Everytime we drop it, people go insane. There’s something about the Daft Punk sample that just gets you super hype. It’s definitely an anthem of sorts. My favorite thing to do is drop an edit that we made that begins with the OG Daft Punk.

“Flashing Lights”

Rej Dhingra: For me personally this came out when I was in college off the Graduation Album and for anyone who goes to Kanye Loves Kanye and has that same experience, this will always be their jam.

“All Of The Lights”

Penny Wildman: This is a certified banger & everyone knows it. We’ve gotten into the habit of dropping it around midnight & turning off all the house lights, while having everyone turn on their cell phone lights. Sounds corny, but is actually always one of the highlights of the party. It’s also super fun to drop the deep cut versions with Drake & Fergie on them. Everyone’s vocals sound incredible & this track is definitely some of his best work.

Kanye Loves Kanye: I Feel Like Pablo comes to the House of Blues Anaheim tonight at 9 p.m. $20. For tickets, click here.

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