K-Pop to invade Honda Center Tonight; 5 Songs to Prepare

Tonight, S.M. Entertainment– the premier publishers and masterminds behind Korean pop music–invade the Honda Center, bringing with them marquee acts Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and TVXQ. Likely to attract any local K-Pop fan worth their salt, the S.M. Town Live World Tour III is an evening-long celebration of candy-coated synth beats, coordinated dance moves and hot young Korean stars that usually only roll in packs of five or more.South Korean television and radio giant Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (better known as MBC) is co-hosting the show with S.M. in celebration of the network's 50th anniversary.

For those looking for an excuse to practice some shrill, adolescent screaming before the show starts, we've compiled five K-Pop jams from your favorite artists that are guaranteed to boost your excitement (and your hormones).


5. Girls' Generation – Run Devil Run
Girls' Generation might be the strongest girl group in Korea and “Run Devil Run” is a major testament to their success. It's a perfect blend of memorable dance moves, wonderfully produced vocals, an unforgettable beat and a respectable rap breakdown that showcases the strengths of this nine-member vocal group. Pussycat Dolls, eat your hearts out.

4. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
Proving that not all K-pop is candy-coated, Super Junior's “Sorry Sorry” is Korea's take on dance-centric, auto-tuned R&B heartbreak and does a better job than any of its English-spoken counter parts. You don't need to speak Korean to know this song makes you want to dance.

3. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
“Ring Ding Dong” gets a little silly with its members attempt to sing in English (check it out on the video at 1:25) but the group makes up for it by somehow burning the song's chorus into your brain. Imagine T-Pain was kidnapped at birth and raised in Japan's Akihabara Electric Town and that pretty much sums up this track.

2. TVXQ – Hug
TVXQ might be down to only a duo since three of its members left due to unfair contract terms, but “Hug” is still the first song heard by most of their fans worldwide. It may be calmer and less danceable than the other songs on this list, but we love it when these guys show us their softer aside (not that that's ever really a problem).

1. Girls' Generation – Gee

Possibly the most quintessential K-pop song, Girls' Generation's second showing on this list is well deserved. “Gee” features the nine-member girl group in all their glory, dancing in total synchronicity over vocal-driven verses and a hook that is guaranteed to stay lodged in your brain. Need to introduce someone to K-pop? This is the song.

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