Justin Soileau Says That Despite This Photo, He is No Longer Depressed

Justin Soileau's been a running favorite of ours here at Heard Mentality ever since the native born Texan moved out to California and began recording and performing throughout the county and elsewhere.  He's just released his first full album, a self-titled effort, last week via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, again showcasing a nice blend between '70s pop rock influences and a both reflective and understatedly energetic modern touch.  When we got a hold of him for a quick chat about the album, he only hesitated briefly before mentioning his own personal favorite on the release.

I'd probably say “Do You Remember” — I like the most because it's kind of nostalgic, thinking of back home in Texas and old friends.  It came out as mellow and sweet.  As with a lot of the songs on the album, it'd been written for a long time. When I wrote a lot of the songs initially, I was still drinking and being a little depressed; things are a lot different now and I really like it here. I was trying to fill the album up with songs, I didn't have quite enough, and I thought, “Well I have this one little one,” and recorded it and turned out to be one of my favorites!

“The guy that I worked with, Martin Beal (of Ambulance LTD), lives in Long Beach; we recorded in Santa Ana part of the time and the rest there. He's all over it, he did a lot of the instrumentation and the production while I helped out with the arrangement; I think he's the missing link! He did a good job of taking my music to the next level.  Marty is older than me and the songs are about growing up, so having a guy who's been through it all helped bring a bit of maturity and perspective to the songs. I'll be playing at the Balboa Beach Music Fest next month and I'll be playing other local shows as they come, as well as an album release show in Texas and another West Coast tour.”

Justin's homepage can be found at http://justinsoileau.bandcamp.com/

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