Julio Salgado, Long Beach State Student and Proud DREAMer, Gets Attention for His Dream Act-Themed Art

It's great to see Julio Salgado, former editorial cartoonist for Long Beach State's Daily 49er, start getting national attention for something I've known about for years and something he's been posting on my Facebook wall for months: his comic strip, Liberty for All, which follows the travails of an undocumented college student much like Salgado (save for the female part).

In September, he was profiled on KPCC-FM 89.3's criminally under-read Multi-American blog, and Salgado just got a hat tip from the influential journal ColorLines. It's personal for me because Salgado was my producer for my KPFK-FM 90.7 radio show, one wickedly talented young man who couldn't get an internship with the Long Beach Press-Telegram because he's undocumented. Salgado is also the undocumented college student I gave a shout-out to in 2007, when I won the Los Angeles Press Club President's Award, urging newspapers to give him an internship; none did, the fools. Congrats, Julio, on the well-deserved attention, and keep the faith…and everyone else can read Salgado's comic strip and musings at his blog, Notas from the Beach.

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