Julieta Venegas

You might know this ex-alternative rock singer for her former musical project Tijuana No! Or maybe from her fans’ favorite songs, such as “De Mis Pasos” or “Amores Perros (Me Van a Matar).” No? What about her chart-topping hits “Lento,” “Limón y Sal” and “Andar Conmigo”? Yes, the ones that are played on the radio. After a short maternity leave, the Mexican pop star returns to the spotlight with a shiny new American tour (and Latin Grammy nomination). Her current album, Otra Cosa, is filled with songs about love’s ambiguity and, of course, her signature accordion. Venegas’ melodic voice plus a couple (or five) tequila shots equal that perfect girls’ night out you’ve been putting off.

Wed., Feb. 2, 8 p.m., 2011

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