JUJU Joints : Our Toke of the Week!

Product: JUJU Joints 250mg Concentrated Cannabis Oil
Price: $25 to $35 each
Dispensary: The Reserve OC 2911 S Tech Center Dr, Santa Ana CA 92705

I’m a stage four colorectal cancer survivor. I used to take some quick hits before my radiation treatments, but I used a one hitter, not a disposable vape pen. I would have loved to have used the JUJU Joint, a high quality disposable vape pen that you can purchase with up to as high as 73 percent THC or a blend of 34 percent THC and 35 percent CBD. Those are impressive numbers and the JUJU Joints deliver!

I purchased 2 JUJU Joints, one to straight up get high and have fun, the other to use as a nightcap before bed. So off I go with friends to the OC Fair, the home of the World’s Biggest Horse, Fried Twinkies and rides that would make an astronaut puke. On a busy Saturday night, there’s plenty opportunity to vape, there are lines for everything, so vape away. Just be careful, the JUJU Joint reeks enough to garner attention, despite all the farm animals.

At three inches, the JUJU Joints is also the smallest vape pen I’ve seen. Happy and silly, I wandered around the Fair. So much food! Country music, blues, a Pink Floyd cover band, karaoke, craft beers, Earth,Wind and Fire. My eyelids grew heavy and I was fast asleep, dreaming of BBQ’d turkey legs, funnel cake and carnies…..Carnies!!! 

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