Judah Friedlander

Since the end of beloved 30 Rock earlier this year, it seems Judah Friedlander has more free time to get back to his “first true love,” stand up comedy. The award-winning actor/comedian has deadpan schtick down to a finely skilled art—his uniform of oversized, thick glasses and trucker hats embellished with fantastically ironic statements (like his famous “World Champion”) perfectly fit Friedlander's lofty proposals (like moving Hawaii to Lake Michigan if he were elected President) with a spot-on straight-faced sarcasm. He's professed that stand up is where he's most comfortable—so catch his act this week and enjoy one of the funniest people in the country truly in his element.

Fri., June 28; Sat., June 29; Sun., June 30, 2013

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