Jonathan E. Olsen Accused of Selling Inactivated Disneyland Tickets via craigslist

A parolee faces theft charges for allegedly selling invalid Disneyland tickets to a woman who responded to a craigslist ad, according to Costa Mesa Police–which does nothing to disprove my time-tested theory: You don't mess with The Mouse.


Jonathan E. Olsen was arrested at his Costa Mesa home on suspicion of petty theft and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a police statement that indicates the 29-year-old was also held on a parole violation at Orange County Jail.

A woman told police she responded to a craigslist ad for two Disneyland tickets for $160–or about $40 less than you'd pay at the Anaheim theme park–and agreed to meet the seller Dec. 6 at a restaurant near Baker Street and Fairview Road. But she did something very smart in retrospect: She used her cell phone to snap a photo of the car and license plate of the salesman, according to police.

She later learned the deal was too good to be true, as a Disneyland employee informed her two days later the tickets were invalid. That's when the victim called the cops, who claim in the statement that Olsen informed investigators he stole inactivated tickets from a store and put them up for sale on craigslist.

Costa Mesa Police ask anyone else who might have been victimized by the Happiest Scam on Earth to call them at 714.754.5637.

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