Jon Wiener, UCI History Professor, Advocates Arming Some But Not All Faculty Members

The Weekly has chimed in when author/KPFK radio host/UC Irvine history professor Jon Wiener has pressed the federal government to release secret FBI files on John Lennon, academia to better police historians and our owners to loosen what he perceived to be a stranglehold on our sister paper, LA Weekly. Wiener has also written in our pages, real and virtual.

But now the good professor has gone waaaay too far: In the wake of the Arizona tragedy, he's advocating the arming of old, white college professors like, uh, the guys he sits across from at Anthill Pub & Grille.

Okay, so Wiener is having a laugh in his latest piece for The Nation, which riffs on an actual proposal in the 'Zoner legislature to allow the carrying of weapons on campus by faculty members.

His angle is to suggest that may not be such a good idea–not because of inadequate gun training, other safety considerations or the fact that society has sunk so low to even consider such a thing.

No, as Wiener points out, “the question arises, Should all faculty members be armed?”

I've given away too much of his set-up already. Click on The Nation link above and read for yourself. It's breezy, hilarious and thought-provoking–just like its author.

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