Jollibee Sign for Anaheim Location Up!

Maybe it's only me and Edwin who are totally pumped about the Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee coming to Anaheim, but whatever! We're nerds for Filipino food, which doesn't nearly get enough mainstream love outside of Pinoys and the non-Pinoys that love them. 

Anyhoo, above is a very blurry, barely visible sign of proof that Jollibee is no longer dragging its feet in opening its first OC location.


Edwin told me they're planning to open in a couple of weeks, and it sure looks like it. Couches and chairs are already inside the restaurant, and they've crafted a drive-thru that'll ensure the business plaza–which already houses Kapit Bahay, 369 Shanghai, a 99 Ranch Market and other Asian food gems–will be crazier than before. Whatever–can't wait for spaghetti with hot dogs!

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