Johnny Rockets CEO to Appear on CBS's Undercover Boss

I don't think I've been to Johnny Rockets since I took some Mexican girl out on a date a decade ago at the location at the Block in Orange; she was immediately turned off by my obsession with politics (surprise, surprise). I don't think I've tuned into CBS for non-sports reasons since that cycle of The Amazing Race where the brother-and-sister team beat the deaf kid and his mom. But I do care about Orange County stories, so I just might tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. for its Undercover Boss series.

I don't think I knew that Johnny Rockets is an Orange County-based chain, but it is!


“I've always been a numbers guy,” Fuller told the person who made his press release. “I now know that
there's no way to really understand what our restaurants need to make
Guests [Gustavo note: his capitalizing throughout] happy–without getting in the trenches. The lessons I learned
from the amazing employees who trained me were invaluable and I don't
think there's a more constructive way to understand the needs of our
Guests, employees and Franchise Partners than to work on the front

Let's see if he pops in at the Block..

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