John Steven Burgess, Killer of Donna Jou, Arrested for Being a Creep on Craigslist–Again

You might remember a couple of years ago the case of John Steven Burgess, a creep who admitted to killing 19-year-old Rancho Santa Margarita resident Donna Jou, but claimed it was an accidental overdose that did it, and it was also an accident that he dumped her body into the Pacific Ocean instead of notifying authorities, and it was also an accident that fucker wouldn't cooperate with authorities. He only received a five-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter–and only served half of that, which rightfully enraged the Jou family.

But last night, Los Angeles police arrested Burgess after hearing the story of two women who responded to a Craigslist ad he placed seeking a roommate, only to find the creep with a disoriented woman ranting about his killing of Jou.

KTLA-TV Channel 5
broke the story last night, so let's roll the tape!

Hope he rots in hell this time…

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