John Steinbock, Former Pedo-Priest-Protecting Diocese of Orange Bishop and Current Fresno Bishop, Now Rotting in Hell

John Steinbock, the bishop for the Catholic Diocese of Fresno, no longer has to suffer through the hell that is cancer after passing away yesterday, but he can now look forward to an eternity of Satan for his lifetime of protecting pedophile priests. And before some apologist comments that I shouldn't judge lest I be judged, may I remind them that I never let a notorious child rapist take off to Tijuana ahead of the cops.

I'll just rehash my post from two years ago to remind people about Steinbock's true ways instead of the whitewashing the Fresno media is already giving him–but what else would we expect from Fresno?

Learn the truth, apologists:

Sex-abuse victims remember Steinbock for protecting Father Eleuterio Ramos,
the most prolific pedo-priest in Orange County history. When Ramos
admitted to Steinbock–then auxiliary bishop and Bishop Michael Driscoll
(now Bishop of Boise) that he molested a boy while serving at St.
Anthony Claret in Anaheim, it was Steinbock who suggested Ramos get sent
to “vacation immediately” instead of turning him over to the cops;
Ramos would go on to minister to children in Tijuana and never served a
day in jail for molesting at least 25 boys. Steinbock also knew about
pedophile allegations lodged against Richard Coughlin when the
Archdiocese of Boston sent him to Orange but didn't do anything about
them; here, Coughlin continued his boy-buggering ways.

And it was Steinbock who led a haphazard investigation
into allegations that Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown (a classmate of
Steinbock's at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo) had abused a boy while
in the Diocese of Fresno during the 1960s.

May the fires of Gehenna keep you warm, Johnny! And heckuva job, Brownie!

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