John Manly, Famed Lawyer Antagonist of Pedo-Priests and their Protectors, Raises Hell in Stockton

I know little about Stockton. I know that the University of the Pacific is there. I know that the city filed for bankruptcy. And I also know it's been a pedophile priest haven for decades with a local connection: the longtime bishop for the Diocese of Stockton, John Steinbock, got his pedo-protecting chops down here in Orange County.

And now, there's another local connection: John Manly, the attorney whose law firm and merry band of misfits over the years have antagonized pedophiles and their protectors in the Diocese of Orange and beyond, is raising holy hell in Stockton.


Last week, the Stockton diocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming it doesn't have enough money anymore after years of having to pay victims of its priests. It's a ruse that has been used again and again across the United States–and Manly isn't buying it.

He told the Stockton Record that the diocese filed bankruptcy to prevent him from taking the deposition of the current bishop. See, Stephen Blaire is pals with an admitted pedo-priest that fled the country ahead of law enforcement officials–and Manly wants to know what His Excellency and others knows about the kiddie fiddler.

“The filing is no coincidence,” Manly told the Record. “There is an automatic stay (suspension) with bankruptcy. You can't take depositions.”

We've known Manly for about a decade know, and one thing about John: he doesn't humor obstructors of justice much (just ask Matt “I Outed Sex-Abuse Victims and Ridiculed the Mothers of Police Shooting Victims” Cunningham). Heckuva job, Brownie!

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