John Heffron Is Coming to You from the Future.

John Heffron is one busy mofo. On top of his regular touring across the country, the stand-up comic recently became an author. His new book “I Come to You from the Future” hit Amazon and iBooks with a bang just in time for the holidays and while in the midst of his gig at the Brea Improv this weekend, we talked to Heffron about his new venture into the literary world with his book that offers advice for both men and women. Ehhh hemmm…stocking stuffers anyone?


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Congrats on the book! How did you hook you with your co-author Topher Morrison?

John Heffron: I met Topher doing this type of speaker training thing where they show people how to present better on stage and that's pretty much how our relationship happened. He has a program called, “Be a Key Person of Influence” and it walks people through how to be a master in your field in every type of genre. He always says that he's a “recovering self-help guy” because he used to do a lot of self-help type seminars. Then he realized that the industry was a little creepy so he stopped doing it. (Laughs.) But he is still very much like a coach and says a lot of cool things.

Did you always want to write a book? I mean, where did the idea to do it stem from?

The whole “I Come to You from the Future” is something that I've been doing in my act but yeah, I've wanted to write a book forever! With me, it was kind of the follow-through that was a problem. Then I decided that I would just bang it out and it'd be a nice little book that I'd sell after my show. When I was done with it though, it actually turned out ending up way better than that.

I know it's obviously written from a male perspective but, would it be a good read for women too?

Yeah you know, for selling and niche purposes and because I'm a guy, it's easier for me to talk to the guys. But really, it's for anybody. Guys and girls can both learn a lot from it I think.

I also like that it's a short read and that you wrote, “So learn about life, love, and money in one good bowel movement.” That's hysterical.

(Laughs.) I've probably never finished a book in my life because I get about halfway through and I'm out. Plus when most authors are writing books, they're including a lot of fluff. I really just wanted to write half a book so people can finish it and I didn't want to repeat things. When I'm done talking about something, I'm done talking you know? (Laughs.)


That's great too because in this society, we all want it fast and we want it now.

Totally. It's a quick and easy read. The other thing that's cool is that you don't have to read it straight through. You can just pick a random chapter and go through it. There are some pretty cool quotes from people on Amazon too. Like people thought it was going to be a cheesy joke book but then they found it actually had good info. I'm glad because that's what I tried to do. One chapter is really funny, then the next chapter I talk about my mom dying and the lessons that I got from that, and then the next chapter goes back to being funny again. So it bounces all around.

Well with the holidays coming up here, this book has great timing.

It really is a good stocking stuffer! I mean, I originally wrote it for guys in their early twenties and thirties because at that age you tend to think that no one has ever been that age before you. People that age kind of go, “Ohhh I'm in a bad relationship and I need to figure this out.” Well believe it or not, eight billion people prior to you have been there too. I know your parents said you were unique and original and that there is no one like you but, it's amazing how many people are exactly like you! (Laughs.) That's kind of the lighthearted approach I took with the book. Things are going to happen to you and I'm just giving you one way to deal with it. Whether you use it or not, you have one extra “go-to move” in your bandoleer on how to handle a problem.

I'm all in! Are you going to be selling copies this weekend at your shows in Brea? You rarely do Brea by the way I noticed…

Oh yeah, I'll have copies with me so people can pick it up. It'll be fun because I always do new stuff and I'm not really into writing jokes down. I forget more things than I remember so to me, every show is new because I forget the order of how I'm going to do the jokes. I've only been to Brea once and it's like you have to drive through that downtown area to get there so if you can find the secret location that is Brea, we're going to have a great time! (Laughs.)

John Heffron performs at the Brea Improv December 5th through 8th , 120 South Brea Blvd. 92821, (714) 482-0700. For tickets go to For more info, check out his website www.JohnHeffron, follow him on Twitter: @JohnHeffron, and pick up his new book “I Come to You From the Future” on Amazon.

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