John Galardi, Wienerschnitzel Founder, Passes Away

The Weekly has learned that Wienerschnitzel founder John Galardi passed away yesterday after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 75. 

Galardi started Wienerschnitzel in 1961 in Wilmington, after getting an idea for a hot dog franchise from his boss at the time, Glenn Bell of Taco Bell fame, and the name from Bell's wife. He grew the chain into the world's largest hot dog chain, nowadays based in Irvine and among the better fast-food chains out there. In recent years, Galardi has appeared in Wienerschnitzel commercials, heralding back to an era where fast-food barons like Carl Karcher and Dave Thomas would hawk their product instead of bikini-clad woman and clueless bros.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Galardi's loved ones and the Wienerschnitzel empire. In his memory, have an extra chili dog, wontcha?

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