Joelle Casteix, Prominent Local Catholic Church Sex-Abuse Survivor, Stars in National Campaign for Child Victim Act

Joelle Casteix has long been a pal of the Weekly, and not just because she's a hilarious, multitalented gal. She has been one of the most prominent Catholic Church sex-abuse survivors in Orange County, molested by some pig who's now a–I kid you not–choir director at some no-name college in the Midwest. She has also been a constant companion to other sex-abuse survivors who need a shoulder, who need someone to face off against pedophile apologists, who need someone to contact the media.

And now Casteix is taking her story to a national level by serving as one of the faces for a national campaign to help pass something called the Child Victims Act.


Being pursued for the moment on a state-by-state level, the proposed legislation would take away the statute of limitations currently imposed on sex-abuse survivors regarding civil lawsuits that has long hindered complete judgement on pedophiles, especially of the Catholic Church variety. In California, it's currently in the state Senate.

For more info on the campaign, click on the National Center for Victims of Crime website. Congrats to Casteix for her perpetual courage–and, as always, heckuva job, Brownie!

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