Joel Jerome, Will Sprott, La Luz, Thee Commons

They don’t call former dios (malos) frontman Joel Jerome “Papa Joel” for nothing—in fact, they call him “Papa Joel” because he’s recording and producing some of the best new wave of greater L.A.-area bands, because he’s got a magic ear and the experience in music to back it up, and because he’s just about got the secret of a good pop song figured out. (Example: the last unexpected movement in his recently HBO-ed track “Everybody Wants Somebody,” which suddenly turns into the best three tracks from Ziggy Stardust all happening at once.) This is a particularly strong installment of his residency, with Seattle’s garage-surf band La Luz and east L.A. psychedelic cumbia punks Thee Commons.

Tue., March 24, 9 p.m., 2015

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