Jim Gaffigan

Standup comedian and twice-published author Jim Gaffigan is the American Everyman. His comedy routines are rife with tales of laziness, eating too much, and how awesome his wife is but that he'll never understand women. Gaffigan is currently on tour to promote his latest book, Food: A Love Story, released just last month, and stops by the Terrace Theatre to regale audiences with friendly, witty narratives—and, hopefully, an excerpt or two from his novel. In Food: A Love Story, Gaffigan opens with a chapter dedicated to steak. Yes, it's obviously a brilliant writing strategy, but the section also takes a look into his childhood and relationship with his father (who inspired the title for his first book, Dad Is Fat). The man knows how to win people over—especially Average Joes. Get tickets now before they sell out.

Thu., Dec. 4; Sun., Dec. 7, 2014

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