Jill Easter Lays an Egg on National TV

If Ava Everheart, a.k.a. Ava Bjork, a.k.a. Eva Easter, née Jillianne Bjorkholm Easter, believed going on Dr. Phil would make people believe she did not play a part in trying to destroy the life of an Irvine PTA mom, she made a HUGE miscalculation.

Based on Everheart’s appearance that aired Wednesday afternoon in the Orange County market, or at least the way it was edited, she comes off at best delusional and at worst a big fat filthy lying sack of shiksa.

Apologies for using the clinical term there.

Click here for some clips to see what you think.

Based on her conviction, Ms. Everheart is an admitted false imprisoner.

According to the defense attorney for her ex-husband and fellow former high-powered attorney Kent Wycliffe Easter, Everheart is a ball-busting adulterer who ordered her wimpy groom to make a false call to police about Kelli Peters at their son’s Irvine elementary school.

The Easters were convicted and jailed for planting drugs in Peters’ car and having her briefly detained by police investigating whether she had driven erratically and was under the influence at the school she was volunteering at—where exactly a year earlier, Jill had confronted Kelli because the Easters’ son was not at a designated after-school pickup point.

On the nationally syndicated Dr. Phil, which billed Jill as speaking out “for the very first time in an exclusive interview” to share “the real story of what happened” with the bald wonder, she accused Peters of stalking her for a year.

Interviewed separately by McGraw, Peters said Easter/Everheart “is nuts.”

Jill said Kelli threatened to kill her, but when McGraw pressed her and pressed her on how that threat manifested itself, Everheart could only come up with unspecified “threats” by her foe, claims that Peters kept showing up in unspecified “private areas” and “seemed unhinged” and that a death threat is just how Jill interpreted it.

McGraw asked Peters if she threatened to kill Everheart.


Did she stalk Everheart?


Did she show up in “private areas?”

“I don’t even know what that means,” said Peters, explaining she also did not know where the Easters lived and that she never approached their son, who was “always very nice and cordial to me, as I was to him.”

Peters added she did not know at the time what Kent Easter looked like. Keep in mind this couple tried to sue Peters, only to have it tossed away like their legal careers.

“Everything she says I did to her, she did to me,” Peters told McGraw of Everheart. “That is documented.”

Watch the clips to see Peters retell the nightmare she experienced being detained by Irvine cops (who, to their credit, quickly got to the truth). It’s heart-wrenching. No one should have been put through that.

Remember that as you watch Ms. Easter/Everheart try unsuccessfully to swat away McGraw’s questions concerning how her DNA got on the drugs and bag in Peters’ car, and how the parolee’s telling of the “facts” does not square with what her parolee ex-husband admitted to. Also consider that a civil court jury awarded $5.7 million to Peters, her husband and their daughter for the emotional distress and false imprisonment caused by those nutty Easters.

Peters pulls off the best line of the episode when Dr. Phil asks if Easter/Everheart is evil.

“Oh, definitely. She needs to own it, man, she was busted.”

Ah, well, there’s always Maury.

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