Jesse Thomas

This night represents the archetypal young songstress with a dream. You know who we’re talking about: the girl with no money in her pocket, but hope in her heart and a guitar slung around her shoulders. She's all fired up to hit the West Coast and turn her ethereal visions of rock stardom into reality, thereby proving the naysayers idiots. There are a lot of clichés in this bitter old world, but the aforementioned one gives us all reason to believe in ourselves—or at least the artists we see playing coffeehouses. Check out Jesse Thomas, a young siren from the backwoods of Kentucky who rocks a jangly, bittersweet pop with some indie sensibilities. Tonight’s show also features OC’s Stacy Clark, another pop siren with a dream—and OC Music Award accolades stretching back to 2006.

Sat., March 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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