Jesse James May Lose His Place Name

Oh, how the mighty and whitey have fallen off the Long Beach map.

Jesse James brought fame, a showroom and a burger joint to a little corner of town he ran his hot rod shop West Coast Choppers and filmed his old reality show Monster Garage.

In late 2009, the city returned the favor by re-naming Oregon
Avenue, which was between Anaheim and 12th streets, West Coast Choppers Place. Like James' reputation as a family man, that could change.

The Long Beach Planning Commission is scheduled Thursday to consider changing the name of West Coast Choppers Place back to Oregon Avenue.

James closed the shop at 718 W. Anaheim St. after his infidelity, divorce from America's sweetheart Sanda Bullock and relocation to Austin, Texas, which allows him to be closer to his ex- and the child they adopted.

The building where much of West Coast Choppers was filmed from 2002-2006 is now owned by a Newport Beach company that plans to flip it.

Mighty Whitey LLC, James' company, still owns another nearby building. 

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