Jerk-Ass Restaurant Owners Quiz Time!

This restaurant was a favorite of a previous generation of Weeklings, and some in the next generation still like it. Me? Good drinks, overpriced, so-so food. Not that I've ever shared this sentiment until now–indeed, I included this place in one of our food issues, back when they were better. In that issue, our photo editor (back when we had one) called the restaurant to try and schedule a photo shoot so we could include beautiful shots in the issue and, you know, give some love to who we thought were cool people. Not only did the restaurant owners refuse to allow us to take photos, they also said they didn't want any publicity–hilarious, considering all the stars and buzz they accept from those crazy Yelp kids.

Flash-forward a couple of years to just recently. We now have a photo intern snapping shots of every restaurant we've ever reviewed for our online dining guide. When they tried taking pictures at the aforementioned restaurant, the young padewan got the boot. Outta there–again, quite interesting considering all the photos on their Yelp page. Fuckers.

For a jar of my chica's kiwi-blood orange marmalade: what is the name of the restaurant owned by these jerkish owners? The sole hint right now: WAY too many candles in both the patio and inside. One guess per comment, and no current or former Weeklings allowed.

And now, another pair of local jerks doing–what else?–the Jerk:

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