Jennifer Murphy, Racist “Neenja” Singer, Says Trump Kissed Her—But It's Okay!

Like many women before her, OC's infamous “Neenja” singer Jennifer Murphy came out in the media this weekend saying Donald Trump made an unsolicited advance. Unlike his accusers, the former Apprentice contestant and current Trump supporter is fine with the unexpected kiss on the lips the presidential candidate planted on her back in 2005. “This is something that frustrates me about the media and journalism,” Murphy told CNN host Erin Burnett on OutFront. “Yes, he kissed me on the lips, but that's what they want to focus on.” 

Why else would they bother with Murphy? To give props on her racist “I Want to be Neenja” music video and song? The kiss came in the same year as Trump made his now-notorious hot mic Access Hollywood comments that continue to scandalize his campaign. “You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them,” Trump said of women, before adding his “grab 'em by the pussy” line. He was newly married to Melania at the time. Murphy, too, was engaged at the time to her future husband, . 

Before appearing on CNN, Murphy gave an exclusive interview to Grazia where she recounted how Trump offered her a job after she got fired on The Apprentice. When she finished her follow-up interview, the Donald walked her to the elevator. “He pulled my face in and gave me a smooch,” Murphy told Grazia. The move stunned her for a bit. “But then, it really didn't bother me because I didn't feel he was being degrading, or he was being dishonest to Melania.”
Back to OutFront with Burnett, Murphy complained that she interviewed for over an hour only to have the story (presumably Grazia's) zero in on the kiss. When asked about The Donald's accusers, Murphy stated she could only speak on her on experience while preaching caution. “I've been falsely accused in my life,” Murphy told Burnett. “I recently was accused of being a racist because I did a funny ninja Asian accent in a funny song and they pigeon-hole me as a racist.” 

Oh, how those white women tears keep streaming down! OC unfortunately met Murphy's acquaintance over the summer when a controversy erupted over the “Neenja” music video filmed at a Laguna Hills launch party for her signature wall beds. The ching-chong accent she sang with stunned the Asian-American community. She cried foul at the backlash, especially over the Weekly's own headline! Murphy originally took the video down, before deciding to double down on the racism by putting it back up and later following through with the full music video as promised.

But the “neenja” exploits sadly don't end there. Last month, she released a video titled, “I Drive Like a Neenja”—because what good is a ching-chong accent if you can't make fun of Asians behind the wheel, too! Murphy wants everybody to know that in her infomercial spoof, “No minorities were injured during filming. This includes the blonde.” Sigh…

Is anyone surprised this pendeja is on the Trump Train? 

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