Jennifer Mills-Winkler, Preggers Poker Player, Allegedly Tried to Smuggle Meth into Australia

A pregnant, Taiwanese-American professional poker player out of La Habra turns 29 Friday, a birthday she will likely spend in an Australian jail cell after being popped at Brisbane International Airport for allegedly trying to smuggle in 2 kilos of meth hidden in her luggage. Jennifer Mills-Winkler is being held without bail pending a Nov. 23 court hearing.

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After her arrest Sunday afternoon by Australian Federal Police, Mills-Winkler was charged with importing a border-controlled substance and with
possession of a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported drug.

Her court-appointed lawyer says Mills-Winkler denies the luggage seized by customs officials belongs to her, according to various Australian news accounts.

She listed her occupation as “poker player” on court documents, according to the reports that characterize Mills-Winkler as being in an early
stage of pregnancy.

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