Jenna Jameson Sues for Half of Tito Ortiz's Huntington Harbour House of Home Wrecking

The source of mirth, merriment and headlines for years, the Huntington Harbour home of MMA champ Tito Ortiz is back in the news again, as his ex-girlfriend and baby momma Jenna Jameson of your jerk-off dreams' fame is suing to get her name on the ownership title.


Kelly Puente breaks the story for the Orange County Register that Jameson filed the civil suit in Orange County Superior Court that claims she owns half the waterfront home on Baruna Lane, where Ortiz is listed as the sole owner in property records.

Jameson reportedly alleges she: put up half the down payment for the pad; agreed Ortiz's name would be on the title with the understanding she would have 50 percent of the financial interest; kept up the house for the brawler and “acted as his intimate companion;” and cared for their twin sons during her 2008-13 stay there with the expectation that she would share equally in the property.

After the couple split in May 2013, Ortiz kept the title in his own name and has since failed to add Jameson's name to the title, according to the pending suit, which is seeking a court order to impose a trust to show joint ownership of the property.

The home was the site of a creepy encounter Ortiz and Jameson shared and he recounted on the Celebrity Ghost Stories episode title “Trapped” on the Biography channel.

Before their split, Jameson famously called Huntington Beach police out because she alleged Ortiz roughed her up, which sent him to jail before the porn princess recanted.

The couple has been fighting over custody of their boys for years (Tito currently has sole custody), and thanks to that battle the public got a rare look inside their home in 2013, when someone posted surveillance video that showed Jameson constantly being watched, sneaking swigs of booze and taking a hammer to the hidden cameras recording her. It's unclear if she was upset over the invasion of her privacy or from missing out on the reported $5,000 a day she got from her webcam shows.

(Speaking of which, Jameson was living in the Huntington Harbour home when she told Oprah Winfrey she would never do porn again. Of course, Jenna's MyFreeCams career began years later.)

Jameson would go public with allegations Ortiz routinely beat her, took drugs before fights and stole her sons. She even included a photo said to be the inside of the refrigerator of their Huntington Beach home as evidence.

Over the years, both have also sought restraining orders to keep ex-friends away from the property. A judge ordered Allen Dean Clayborn to stay at least 100 yards away from Jameson, Ortiz, their sons, their homes and the boys' school after she alleged the former friend repeatedly broke into her home, stole her keys and cash and attempted to blackmail her, broke into her house and stole her keys and cash.

Though already split up, Ortiz and Jameson together attempted to get an emergency restraining order against Shana Burroughs because their ex-friend allegedly made the couple's lives hell for four years by stalking them, stealing from them and offering them Oxycodone. A judge denied the request, however.

Wait, being offered Oxy is bad?

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