Jenna Jameson Playing Hooky Lawsuit Goes Forward; Vivid Entertainment Has Hang Up with Smartphone

A DuPage County judge today refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought against Huntington Beach's most famous former porn star Jenna Jameson, who is accused of blowing off contracted appearances to promote her film Zombie Strippers in Illinois so she could attend celebrity muckraker Perez Hilton's birthday bash in Hollywood.

Judge Patrick Leston reportedly disagreed with Jameson's argument that her
contract with the Hollywood Palms and Hollywood Blvd. cinemas in Naperville and Woodridge, Illinois, was too
vague, noting, “It seems perfectly clear to the court.”

Paul Nordini, Jameson's attorney, also tried to argue the
contact wasn't legally binding because it didn't identify the venues as a
limited liability corporation, but Leston didn't buy that one either, reports the Daily Herald of Illinois.

Jameson was to receive $10,000, first-class airfare and other perks for appearing in March at the theaters to sign her book, photos and DVD boxes wrapped around 2008's Zombie Strippers. But after tickets were sold for the event, Jameson did not make the flight, sending a note from her doctor that she was too ill to attend.

Ted Bulthaup, who owns the Naperville and Woodridge theaters, filed his lawsuit after Hilton posted photos from his party that included Jameson whooping it up when she was supposedly sick.

Nordini reportedly said outside the courtroom he hopes to reach a settlement with Bulthaup's attorney.

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Jameson is, of course, the, um, face of the Vivid Entertainment brand, and in other legal squabbling the porn purveyor has apparently sent HTC a cease and desist letter over the cellphone maker's latest smartphone, the Vivid.

Vivid is claiming copyright infringement, meaning it believes customers will confuse the phones made by the corporation with international headquarters in Taiwan and national headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

The Los Angeles adult entertainment company may have a point since its customers often have something in their hands while using Vivid's products, too.

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