Jenna Jameson Loses Zombie Strippers Lawsuit … Again

Before Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt Romney for president, was sentenced for DUI and cheered the baby daddy she once accused of beating her deliver an anti-bullying message Tuesday to his high school alma mater, the porn princess-turned-Huntington Beach mom was sued by an Illinois cinema owner she stiffed for scheduled appearances tied to her horror flick Zombie Strippers.

For a second time, a judge has ruled against Club Jenna.

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Ted Bulthaup had a deal to pay Jameson $10,000, pick up her first-class airfare and give her other
perks for promoting her memoir and movie Zombie Strippers in March 2011 at his Hollywood
Palms and Hollywood Blvd. theaters in Naperville and Woodridge, Illinois. But
Jameson's reps called the day of the first appearance to say she was
sick and bedridden. Bulthaup sued for lost revenues from the cancelled events after photographs were distributed online showing
Jameson partying at Perez Hilton's birthday bash when she was supposed to be home sick.

A judge issued a default judgement against Jameson when she did not show up to a hearing tied to the lawsuit, but when His Honor prepared to announce the damages at a follow-up hearing, Jameson's lawyer showed up, denied the allegations, filed a counter claim and won a new court date. That attorney has since quit representing Jameson, and another no-show in court produced another judgment against her by the judge.

A new damages hearing has been set for Nov. 13. We'll let you know if that turns out to be Groundhog's Day.

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