Jenna Jameson is Ready to Pour Some Sugar with Her “Semi-Autographical” Novel Debut

Maybe Jenna Jameson moving out of her Huntington Harbour home and leaving her twins with Tito Ortiz has nothing to do with her recent woes, which were capped a couple Saturdays ago by an alleged assault on her transgender assistant.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Club Jenna abandoned the distractions of motherhood to promote a new, “semi-autographical” novel she co-wrote about an ex-porn star who moves to New York to reinvent herself.

“I'm thrilled to announce my latest–and until now super secret–project, Sugar (Skyhorse Publishing, October 2013), a contemporary erotic romance with the incomparable Jenna Jameson!,” writes co-author Hope Tarr on her website.

Sugar will be Jenna's fiction debut, and I'm over-the-moon honored to partner with her in bringing her sexy and soulful story to readers,” Tarr continues. “Sugar is a first for me as well: my hard cover debut!”

Heh-heh, she said “hard.”

The New York-based author's nine (and obviously soft-cover) Harlequin historical novels have such titles as Untamed, Enslaved and Bound to Please. Tarr has also written seven contemporary fiction books in urban settings, including The Haunting, Strokes of Midnight and her latest, The Cinderella Makeover.

Of course, Jameson also has a New York Times best-selling autobiography under her garter belt, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale (ReganBooks, 2004), which was co-written with Neil Strauss.

Skyhorse Publishing is orgasmic with anticipation over the Sugar release, based on an AVN post.

“We're thrilled that Jenna chose to bring her fiction debut to
Skyhorse,” acquiring senior editor Jennifer McCartney tells AVN. “She became a
legend in the adult entertainment world and a household name, and her
novel is quite unlike anything we've ever read before–as you might
imagine! There's no one else who can write about sex like Jenna, and the
genre of erotic romance is a natural fit for her.”

Jenna Jameson Accused of Brass Knuckle Beat Down

Jameson says in the post, “I'm so excited to be publishing my first novel Sugar with Skyhorse Publishing. Sugar
is something new and exciting for me–I've never written anything like
this before, and it was a wild ride. My memoir was a very personal
journey for me, but a lot has changed in my life since it was published.
I've always been romantic and probably a little kinky. The time was
right for me to express myself in Sugar. I think it's the hottest thing you'll ever read.”

Back on her site, Tarr believes readers will be juiced before they read the first word.

Cover reveal–trust me, it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s and smokin' hot . . .”

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