Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz Engage in Twitter Spat Before Getting All Lovey-Dovey Again

The relationship between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz has gone up and down more often than a porn star on a sweaty mattress or a fading MMA fighter on a stinky mat.

The latest evidence: Tweets between Vivid Entertainment's greatest-ever star and “the Bad Boy of Huntington Beach”–with side blasts to followers thrown up for good measure.

Nick Caron has the scoop for the Bleacher Report.

Santa Ana-born Ortiz and Jameson have been together at least since announcing that fact on The Howard Stern Show in November 2006. The retired porn star went on to stand by her man at many fight-related events, model his Punishment brand clothing and give birth to their twins in March 2009.

Eleven months later, Jameson accused Ortiz of battering her in their Surf City home, leading to his arrest and a night in jail. He later accused her of being doped up on OxyContin.

The back-and-forth accusations ended when it was revealed the charges against Ortiz could violate the UFC conduct clause, voiding his $15 million contract. The couple quickly announced the spat was the result of a big misunderstanding, and the domestic-violence case was dropped due to lack of evidence.

The couple was later spotted being all lovey-dovey on outings with their kids around Huntington Beach. But some back-and-forth Tweets last week reveal all is not well at Club Jenna and Camp Ortiz. Caron pulled these from Twitter Feb. 2-3:

@jennajameson – I love @ titoortiz so much

@ titoortiz – @ jennajameson is that's why u are sleeping in another persons bed?

@jennajameson – How can someone you supposedly love hack your twitter and tell people lies about you?

@ titoortiz – Home alone again with an empty bed. Think I getting use to this. Thank god for a nanny. Couldn't do it alone.

Fans apparently chimed in, leading Jameson to draw them into the couple's virtual fight:

@jennajameson – @ sheisthewalrus nice tweet to Tito…… You're right you DON'T know the circumstances!

@jennajameson – @ TdotTweetHeart uuuuh, I'm saying nothing… He is running his mouth

@jennajameson – @ rordhcalways my children. Are my life. I want them to see mommy smile, not cry…. And I do, I'm a happy girl.

By Feb. 4, all was well again, based on this final Jameson Tweet:

@jennajameson – Make up sex rocks……

Take it from an expert.

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