Jefferson’s CannaCocktail Corner: Pineapple Express-Yo’self

Avoid the heat and be your highest self (photo by Jefferson VanBilliard)

It’s summer. The beaches are packed, traffic is heavy, and for those of us who aren’t blessed with air conditioning, it’s been hotter than the inside of a Honda Civic left baking in the fairground parking lot. In order to combat the painful sting of the sun’s cancerous rays, we’ve been waking up as late as possible and choosing to stay near a body of water or a dimly lit bar (they have more in common than you’d think).

If you must venture into the overheated, post-apocalyptic nightmare of a world in which we live, you should do it with a refreshing cocktail in hand. It’s your only ticket to bliss– just don’t fill up your camelback with this concoction. We tried, and it turned the plastic lining into an epic rave venue for gnats and ants. And then we had to kill them all. It was devastating.
We started with a half ounce of Cannavis’ “pineapple syrup,” using its acidic sweetness as the base. Then, we opted for rum (because everyone should channel their inner pirate), lime, and a little elbow grease to produce a daiquiri-riff that screams “spring break forever!” The best part about the simplicity of the cocktail is the ability to swap out the rum for (almost) any liquor that’s available to you. (But if you use tequila, this drink is called a margarita, and it belongs on the rocks!) Cannavis’ line of stellar tasting cannabis-infused syrups is perfect for taking the edge off while cooling down from the inside out.
1.5 oz Rum (We used a 2 yr aged cruzan)
.75 oz  lime
.75 oz pineapple syrup
(optional) 1 dash Bittercube Jamaican #2 bitters
Add ice and shake. Strain, and enjoy!

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