Jefferson VanBilliard Hosting Cocktail Pop Up TONIGHT!

Jefferson VanBilliard, our best new bartender of 2012 and holder of innumerable Drink of the Week honors, is finally mixing some cocktails for the public again after mysteriously disappearing from the various Memphis Group restaurants last month.

He's hosting a cocktail pop-up TONIGHT at Nesai Restaurant in Newport in honor of the New Year. Nesai is doing a NYE prix-fixe menu for $50 that seats at 8:30 p.m., but if you're looking just for drinks, the man from Phelan will be mixing six different cocktails for $10 each also at 8:30.

Check the list after the jump…


The cocktails are as follows: The 76' (framboise-infused vodka, citrus, champagne, bitters), a salted negroni (gin, gran classic, punt y mes), the Chai-Town (he says it's a manhattan — chai-infused rum, carpano, bitters), the Just Ain't Right (bourbon, mescal, luxardo, carpano), the Blood and Sand (scotch, heering, OJ, carpano), and the Big Apple (rye, turbinado sugar, bitters). And all that for only $10.

There are some beers too, and they're nice, but I'm not going to be drinking any of them.

The full list is below! Happy drinking!

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