Jeb Bush Making Dough Run to Newport Beach

You know Jeb Bush must be a serious contender for president when:

1) Mud is slung that he had a separate email account while governor of Florida (Rush was right, he is just like Hillary!).
b.) He's coming to Newport Beach next week to scoop up campaign cash.


I mean, why make the trip otherwise since it's so pleasant back east and simply unbearable here? (Our overnight temperature just dropped to 60 the other night!)

Bush–can we please start calling him Jebya?– will lead a $25,000-per-couple “reception and discussion” at Newport Beach's Pacific Club on Monday, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. I don't know about you, but for $25,000 I expect there to be damn fine coffee–and keep it pouring!

That's the same amount being solicited for a Tuesday night–as in next Tuesday night–reception at the Bel Air home of Robert Tuttle of Tuttle-Click car lot fame. Oh yeah, he was also an ambassador to the Court of St. James in the Dubya administration.

Actually, $25k is the per-couple “minimum” the Right to Rise Super PAC is collecting in Bel Air. Those who wish to stick around for dinner are being asked to fork over $100,000 per couple. I don't know about you, but for $100,000 I expect there to be hot dinner rolls–and keep 'em coming!

Although Jebya oughta avoid 'em if he wants to get in campaign fighting shape.

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