Jason “Mayhem” Miller's Latest Production is His Laguna Beach Arrest Video

Mixed martial arts fighter-turned-jail inmate for life Jason “Mayhem” Miller is in trouble with the law again, and this time there is video.


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TerezOwens.com posted the following:

That's from the front of the White House restaurant in the 300 block of South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach around 11:20 p.m. Saturday, after 34-year-old Miller caused a commotion and broke a glass inside, according to police.

Miller–who has previously been arrested in Orange County (after his UFC career ended) for alleged stalking, domestic violence, a standoff inside his home with sheriff's deputies outside (as he live tweeted it all!) and dozing naked on a couch in a church he'd burglarized and vandalized (the pastor dropped the charges)–was most recently popped for fighting with Laguna Beach officers.

Specificially, he was taken into custody on suspicion of resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer and unlawful fighting and was still being held on $200,000 bail as of Monday morning, according to police.

He'd walked away from the restaurant before officers arrived, but later returned, running into a group of the boys and gals in blue, prompting Mayhem to begin fighting and grappling with the cops, who were kicked and spit upon before the former pro fighter was stuffed into a police unit, say authorities.

The alleged violent behavior continued on the way to jail–up to and including the police cars windows being kicked.

Sadly, no tweets this time.

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