Jason “Mayhem” Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Causing Mayhem in Standoff with Deputies

UPDATE NO. 6, OCT. 20, 1:39 P.M.: Retired MMA fighter Jason Nicholas Miller pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor resisting arrest at his arraignment hearing this morning in Santa Ana, where he is to return Dec. 1 for a pretrial hearing.

“Mayhem” separately faces faces two felony counts of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, felony stalking and a misdemeanor count of violating a protective order.

On the bright side, based solely on the sheriff's booking photo at right, Miller is a lock for the role of the genie in the touring musical version of Aladdin.


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UPDATE NO. 5, OCT. 10, 9:12 A.M.: In addition to the felony domestic violence, stalking and violation of a court order that caused Jason Nicholas Miller to be served an arrest warrant Thursday morning, “Mayhem” now faces a count of obstructing/delaying a peace officer due to the resulting bizarre, four-hour standoff with deputies, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Here's why: “Numerous commands and directives were made to Miller in an attempt to gain his compliance and surrender to deputies,” says Lt. Jeff Hallock, the sheriff's spokesman. Finally, after a SWAT team device blasted off the front door locks, Miller gave up within seconds.

“Immediately following the remote breach, Miller exited his Mission Viejo residence through a rear door and surrendered to deputies by lying on the ground with his hands exposed,” Hallock says. “Miller was taken into custody uninjured during the incident.” At last word he was being held at Orange County Jail in lieu of $200,000 bail, with an expected court date Tuesday.

UPDATE NO. 4, OCT. 9, 5:39 P.M.: According to Joseph H. Low IV, Mayhem Miller's attorney, today's Orange County Sheriff's Department response was overkill. “Jason had been under the care of a doctor for an illness,” Low told City News Service. “He has been waiting for me to come back to town so that we could go back to court to continue to prove his innocence. I wish the police had informed me of their raid. We could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money. There was no reason at all for them to get all dressed up in their SWAT costumes.”

UPDATE NO. 3, OCT. 9, 3:15 P.M.: What follows is how the barricade situation started and ended at ex-MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller's Mission Viejo home today, based on sheriff's and City News Service accounts.

* Orange County sheriff's deputies arrived around 10:30 a.m. to take Miller into custody on an arrest warrant in a domestic violence and stalking case, but he ran back into his home and refused to come out.

* As the SWAT team was called in and deputies surrounded the house, Miller took to Twitter. (See Update No. 1 below.)

* Moment before the standoff ended, Miller tweeted, “They are gearing up like the Bin Laden raid, and I just want to be heard in court, to dispel all of the lies.”

* Around 2:15 p.m., SWAT officers placed a device on the front door of Miller's home and blew off the locks.

* “They threw a phone box threw a plate glass window,” he tweeted around this time. “Disrespect. I would like to give up, but not with 50 RAMBOS out there. Not cool.” Miller went on to vow that the sheriff will pay for the damage to his home.

* Around 2:30 p.m. Immediately after the blast, Miller surrendered.

He had been declared a fugitive after failing to show up for a Sept. 8 pretrial hearing. Court records indicate a $200,000 bond was forfeited that day. He faces two counts of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant and stalking, all felonies, and a misdemeanor count of violating a protective order. The standoff could lead to other charges, of course.

UPDATE NO. 2, OCT. 9, 2:31 P.M.: The Orange County Sheriff's Department reports the standoff outside the Mission Viejo home of Jason “Mayhem” Miller has ended and the ex-MMA fighters has been taken into custody. Check back for more details.

UPDATE NO. 1, OCT. 9, 1:30 P.M.: Jason “Mayhem” Miller is apparently live tweeting from inside his home–including an invitation to the public to come on over–as sheriff's deputies surround the Mission Viejo residence. City News Service reports that among the tweets are:

“–I WISH YOU NO HARM. I respect the Police, but this is overkill, for something that would be settled with one piece of paperwork from OCBAIL.

“–ALL THIS because I wanted to help raise a young boy into a man, and his mama went off her meds, and an ambitious DA thinks mayhem is BAD.

“–I woke up late, and couldn't leave because there is a highly equipment regiment of wanna be soldiers outside my house reminding me that, “WE WON'T GO AWAY!”

“–I have the proper paper work, at my office in https://twitter.com/VaporLabsIrvine/”@VaporLabsIrvine, i was due to go to court this morning, but the LFPD chase me all last night.

“–If you would like to see this drama unfold, please, come to 26262 Avenida Calidad, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

“–Mental health services for one single mother immigrant from the Philippines, who I know was well intentioned, but has a mental condition … now I have to pay a debt for her mistakes.”

Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock says there are no hostages and, “He's in the house tweeting to come watch the show.”

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 9, 12:53 P.M.: Jason “Mayhem” Miller, the ex-MMA fighter and commentator who was arrested three times over two months in Orange County last year, is in a standoff with SWAT officers at his Mission Viejo home RIGHT NOW!

Deputies had gone to Miller's home in the 26000 block of Avenida Calidad to take him into custody on an arrest warrant in a domestic violence and stalking case.

However, he ran back into his home and has refused to come back out, according to sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock, the department spokesman.

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