Japanese Beer-Fed Kobe Beef Jerky May Be the Best Beef Jerky on the Planet

Japanese beer-fed Kobe beef jerky is a real, glorious thing, and now, thanks to Kickstarter, you can soon get it in your mouth.

Called Kobe Red, the gourmet snack is created by Los Angeles-based Magnus Fun Inc. It's made with beer-fed, hand-massaged cattle from Japan. It has been wet-aged with savory spices, allowing the flavors to permeate every molecule of the beef. Folks at South By Southwest couldn't get enough.


The company met its fund-raising goal on Kickstarter (yay!), and production is under way. You can pre-order a bag by pledging $7 or more. The jerky comes in three varieties: brown sugar/lemongrass, ginger teriyaki, and smoked honey/spiced curry.

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